Cruise ship Midnight Gala Buffet.



Cruise ship Midnight Gala Buffet.

Raise your hand if you been to a Midnight Gala Buffet on a cruise ship. There are a huge percentage of the cruising public who have no idea what I am talking about. The Gala Buffet is a huge event put on by the cruise ship which is a showcase of the talent of many artistic chefs who work behind the scenes preparing our meals. The event took days to prepare and featured some of the most interesting pieces of art. Ice sculptures, butter sculptures, bread sculptures, vegetable carvings, cheese carvings, sugar sculptures, animals made of food, sculpted deserts were the norm and it was definitely a sight to behold. Usually, the dining room in which everything was staged was opened about 60 minutes prior to when the buffet would be served so you could take pictures of everything. While it is still quite normal for ships to put on midnight buffets, none of them come close to a Gala Buffet. I used to thoroughly enjoy that fun filled moments in my cruise life and sharing some of my collections and experiences.


Tips: How to plate your food.

Food Presentation Idea….. How to make flower tomatoes; great for parties and adding a little flair to any dish or drink at home or restaurant… These flowers will be great to Garnish Your Food.

To enjoy your food you need to stimulate all your 5 senses. Eyes to see, nose to smell, ears to hear, sense with your service and finally tongue to taste.

We eat with our eyes first, so it’s important to learn how to plate food properly. Prettily presenting your food is a cooking technique that makes for a pleasing visual feast before the spoon or fork is even picked up.

Here are some simple tips for plating desserts effectively and beautifully, which will increase the pleasure of everyone’s favourite course.

Be creative with colour.
A splash of colour can bring your food to life.

Combine textures.

Adding different textures to the plate adds excitement to the visual appeal of your food.

Compose your plate as you would a painting.
There are many ways to compose a plate. Consider the plate as if it were a blank canvas or as if you were composing the frame for a photograph.

Consider the vessel.
It may seem like common sense, but consider the experience of eating the food when you choose the type of plate. Don’t serve it on a too-tiny plate which may have garnish popping off and on to the table once the tines of a fork hit the food.

Have a focal point.
Using an element in your food as a focal point.

Let it be dramatic.
Have a little fun with your food. Employ tricks to add some magic to the presentation. Get some melting or flambé to your food.
On a later stage in this blog I will bring some tutorials on these food arts. So please stay tuned…

Bread sculpture


Vegetable and fruit carving


Butter sculpturing


Cheese carving


Ice carving


2 thoughts on “Cruise ship Midnight Gala Buffet.

    • Thank you sandhya, it’s more over a theatoral style of igniting your sense. We used to do every week, still we used to get goosebumps in us during gala buffet with those lights and music’s and foods!! All our 5 senses were on the peak😋

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