Ghee rice.

ghee2Ghee rice – The rice that make me drool!!!  Ghee rice is fragrant, subtly spiced special rice among the variety rice items of kerala. Laden with clarified butter, caramelized onions, aromatic spices and nuts, this dish is served on special occasions. This dish is very popular particularly in the Northen Malabar side of Kerala. Most of the weddings would be incomplete without this lip smacking, aromatic rice. It is quite simple to prepare and guarantees you a rich flavor & aroma.


Ghee rice Panda balls.

Many “eat to live” and others “live to eat”. Some like spicy food some have a sweet tooth.  Each one of us has a different choice, different liking. But for all of us the ultimate food is piping hot food made and served by our mother. There is no doubt about it. Even though its simple dal rice, its tastes yummy, when it is served by our Mom.


Ghee Rice

Preparation time -10minutes
Cook Time – 30 minutes/ serves – 4


Basmati rice – 2 cups
Ghee – 6Tbspn

Onion sliced – 1nos
Cinnamon stick – 1 small piece
Cardamom – 4 nos
Cloves – 4 nos
Bay leaves – 2 numbers
Ginger – 1Inch piece
Raisins – 50 grams
Cashew nuts – 50 grams
3Cups Water
Salt to taste


1) Wash and drain the rice well. Heat 4 tbsp of ghee in a pan. Fry raisins, cashew nuts and onions to golden brown in colour. Take it out and keep aside. To this remaining ghee, add whole spices and sauté for 2-3 min.

2) Add finely chopped onion and ginger, cook till it becomes soft. To this transfer the washed rice and fry for 5-6 min.
3) Pour boiling water and enough amount of salt. Pour 1 ½ cup of water for 1 cup of rice. Cover it and allow it to cook in a low flame.

4)  Give a stir, and level the water with rice. Sprinkle half portion of fried cashew nuts, raisins, onion. Sprinkle 2 teaspoon of ghee on the top of it. Close the lid and keep it for 15 – 20 mins. In low flame, then switch off the flame and keep it for 10-15 mins.
5) Mix it well and garnish with remaining portion of fried cashew nuts, raisins and onion.
6) Tasty ghee rice is ready to serve.


74 thoughts on “Ghee rice.

  1. Hi, I made ghee rice and avail for lunch today. For avail I did not had snake gourd so avoided it, and used hung curd instead of raw mango. It was very yummy. Thanks a lot for sharing it. They are sure to make their way in my meals regularly now. 😀

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