Lets get Messy!!!


a16Beautifully decorated cakes thrill our senses before we have even taken the first bite. With their cheerful shapes and colours, they hold the promise of mouth watering delight and represent the perfect ending of a meal. Creating your cake decoration is simpler than you could imagine!!!

Making cakes is a wonderful way to spark a lifelong love of the kitchen in your children. It teaches kids about the processes of cooking: following a recipe, measuring, combining ingredients and applying heat to create a wonderful transformation. It’s messy (there is the fun!) and the results are hard to resist.

Lets try this simple octopus with fondant. This is also commonly known as sugar paste. It is a very versatile paste, making it easy to create many types of characters. Fondant is readily available in stores selling cake supplies, or you can make your own. Considering the amount of time in making and the consistency of the mix I would prefer to get the ready made ones from the store.( I brought this from Tesco)

Storing fondant
When working with any fondant, ensure that you keep it well wrapped to prevent it drying out.

I hope this will give you the confidence to create your own characters from scratch. Enjoy!!


Instead of a cake, I have used a cup to demonstrate this.


Roll a big ball of fondant for the body.


Make few small balls for the eyes, and few eyelashes.


Stick the eyes and the eyelashes to the body.



Roll a ball of fondant into a cone, and stick.


Cover the leg with yellow balls.


Roll green fondant for the leaves.


Fondant smoothing tools are available “cheap as chips” in Amazon.



Your octopus cake decoration is ready!!

53 thoughts on “Lets get Messy!!!

  1. Oh fun! I love cake decorating too! I recently joined a cake decorating course, which lasts for an entire year! In fact, cake decorating is so awesome, I’m doing a write up on my blog about my weekly class. This is the first post of yours I have read, and I can’t wait to read more!

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    • Hello Aliah glad to know you like my blog. Just visited yours it’s amazing!! Too much to learn from you. Looking forward to see more of your posts. Bring your final photo in the front of your posts. Let more people could see you. Just a piece of tip from my side. Thanks a lot!!

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  2. Samith, thanks for showing us how you did it. I agree that teaching your children the love of cooking is always a good move. I was in the catering business with our younger son and he is an excellent chef. He makes a mean pie too. I have done a lot of cakes. It’s great fun!

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  3. Thank you so much for a prompt answer. My husband has discovered an Indian store and brought home some interesting vegetables for me to figure out what to do with them. If you don’t mind, I’ll be asking for your advice sometimes.

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