Art is Fun – Step by step tutorial for vegetable carving.


Do you want to try an art in food? Are you looking for food art tips and techniques that will help along in your plate or buffet presentations?

We would break into a cold sweat if asked to draw a picture in front of a group of people. We would deny any artistic talent, make excuses, and do whatever it took to avoid being on the spot with a pencil in their hand. But ask a couple of five-year-olds to do the same thing, and within seconds they‘ll be drawing, explaining, and creating artistic masterpieces for all to see. So what happens between the age of 5 and us that makes us terrified to draw? What makes us afraid?

Most people think artists have some kind of gift, and suppose that a some artists are born with a talent for art. But, if you looked at the childhood drawings of 100 professional artists, you could find that 99 of them made the same type of scribbles and stick figures that you did as a kid. So we all are gifted the same. It’s the passion and your practice makes you perfect in this.

Wish you could carve? Here’s the good news: anyone can learn this art if you have a passion on this. Try it, if I can do it any one can do it!! An art in food is an extra spice in enjoying cooking!! Get your carving tools out, because Halloween is on its way, and we are going to do some really spooky ones this year!! The month of the year which, I enjoyed the most with my knives!!


We have used butternut squash here for the carving.


125 thoughts on “Art is Fun – Step by step tutorial for vegetable carving.

  1. Sumith the vegetable carving brings back memories of my school days. Did some simple carving with potatoes. One sister taught me. It is definitely an interesting part of art. Like your step by step pictures. Looks so cool and not so easy. Maybe trying will help one master. Lovely words of encouragement.

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    • Hi Meena, Thank you for those sweet words. Memories from school days are amazing. Many of our hidden talents should be taken out there. What we missed should not happen to our kids. Recently I got a opportunity to teach these things in my son’s school and really enjoyed with those little kids. It’s easy to do once you try it. Have a nice day. Regards Sumith

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  2. Stunning work. Being able to work in three dimensions to create a piece of art out of a vegetable is beyond a lot of us in spite of your generous encouraging comments. I think I’ll just admire what you’ve accomplished.

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