Watermelon carving.


Watermelons are delicious. They can provide visual entertainment in a great many ways as well?  Well, let me assure you that it’s the truth with these simple watermelon carvings.



130 thoughts on “Watermelon carving.

  1. Oh gosh. My goodness. I have no words. Actually I do…I nearly dropped the phone when I saw this post. The sheer magnitude of its beauty was far too much to bear. Really outstanding Sumith. Job well done. For your next challenge….;)

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    • Thanks a lot Sam. You are amazing. Very very inspirational. Our next challenge – food is the basic of any gathering. With a hand full of amazing food bloggers and many highly skilled word press members, why can’t we think of hosting charity events for the hungry and needy. From each town ship at least 4 to 5 bloggers will be there. Just asking you a suggestion.


      • Hi Sumith-thanks for your kind words. Great idea. Let me think on it for a bit. Along the same lines we could set up a crowd funding thing to raise money for people in the communities of our choice-say for like a food bank or something with basic cooking skills promoting healthy meals. We all know how easy it is to get fast food but it is just as easy to make a vegetable stew or something simar which is both healthy and yummy.. I think overall people want to eat healthier…they just dont have the skills to do so. We could promote this by having bloggers write and review about it-this would be a great way to highlight this important cause. What do you think? Have a bril day.

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