The sugar art – Making your day more colourful!!

A date with cake – I first fell in love with cakes & sugar art in an exhibition. At the time, I was completing my graduation in Hotel management & wanted to try something creative to let off some steam on the weekends.

My initial flirtation with cake art quickly turned into obsession, & then snowballed into a full-blown love affair. I love pushing the boundaries of edible art, experimenting with chocolate, butter cream, sugar-paste & wafer paper to create cakes that look like art & taste like dessert.

My friends were my inspiration. YOU are my inspiration! It sounds corny, but it’s true. And that’s why I want to write this blog, to connect with you. I’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes looks at how I put my arts together, my favourite recipes, tutorials for you to try, my thoughts on trends in cooking, cake design & all the mind-blowing edible art from the decorators I admire across the world.

If you’re here because you follow Keralas creative kitchen on social media or you have tried my recipe before, thank you for indulging me with my cracks at a blog post – I’m so excited to have you here. And if you’re new, welcome!!! I hope you’ll stay & learn something new, or just grab a cup of coffee & relax while I share my food obsessed musings with you every week. STOP- when you attempt, take your time to follow the step-by-steps carefully, and most of all have lots of fun making and eating them!!


Roll two balls of yellow fondant for the body and the head.


Shape the larger ball into a cone. Lengthen the pointed end to make the neck, and keep the wider end round to make a big bottom. Push a length of spaghetti or tooth pick downwards into the fondant.


Position the head on top of the neck.



Roll out some orange fondant and make foot and place under the body of the duck.


To make arms, roll 2 balls of yellow fondant. Roll one end of each ball into a thin sausage and make the fingers.


Fix the arms to the body, to make the beak roll an orange fondant in to a cone shape.


Repeat the process for the ducklings, with a smaller version.


Your duck family is ready!!! Take them to the pond making few plants and water.


The character I did here is made using fondant. This is also commonly known as sugar paste. It is a very versatile paste, making it easy to create many types of characters. Fondant is readily available in stores selling cake supplies, or you can make your own. Considering the amount of time in making and the consistency of the mix I would prefer to get the ready made ones from the store.

Storing fondant
When working with any fondant , ensure that you keep it well wrapped to prevent it drying out.

I hope this will give you the confidence to create your own characters from scratch. Enjoy!!

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