An open letter to the world.


A six – year – old`s reflection on global warming and world peace.

Recently my little boy did a speech on global warming and world peace in one of the functions here in Manchester. The content was, we the people of earth must join together and help each other and stop all wars and global warming. We can do so much to help each other to live a good life and live in a better world.




NB: The above peacock is made of dill leaves, pear, kiwi, blue berries, water cress, mustard cress, carrot and cardamom seeds. And the feathers with dill leaves, kiwi, carrot and grapes.

185 thoughts on “An open letter to the world.

  1. Bravo! Take a bow, both of you! Beautiful artwork and a wonderful letter. 🙂
    We are suffering from global warming and the change of climate in Norway. Hardly any snow and much too warm … 😦
    Best regards,


    • Dina we all together will take that bow!! For sure it reach our desired target. In last three years I have seen only few snows in England. We are still not late to get back. And thanks for the compliment. Regards Sumith.


  2. Beautiful table art work, and brilliant letter! If I was still teaching I would surely use it in class and see how my French teenagers would react. I will pass it on to my former colleagues. Your son might become a great journalist writing in defense of our planet. Give him a hug for me, will you? Been super busy lately, I have a lot of reading to catch up with on your blog 😉

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    • Thank you Joelle. Will defenetly give him a hug in behalf of you. Let’s all together make this planet a better place to live. We will spread more and more smiley faces, we need to learn these things from kids now. Their minds are so pure and innocent!!

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  3. Sumith, You and your wife should be proud to have such a lovely and smart kid. Interesting to see him following your footsteps, the peacock is just a beautiful presentation. Lovely and creative. The letter is an eye opener to all adults and the innosence of your kid is just so good that it will make a rock to also think. Hats off to him and may god bless you guys with many such proud moments.

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    • Hi Meena, first of all I would like to thank you for taking your valuable time to read my blog. You are an amazing inspirational person!! Love that spirit and energy in you. Keep going, together we can make a difference!!


  4. What a thought-provoking message Sumith! And you say this is your little boy? Well, he is certainly learning from the best I think. Kudos to him and his insights into the world. Love that peacock, how creative and colorful! Well done!

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    • Hi Krishna kumari thank you for the compliments. Will pass on the message to him. There is a two line story to tell about your blog. I didn’t had any clue what was “word press” all about. Yours was the first one I have seen when I Googled. Still remember the harmony of colours in your home page. Love reading your post. Looking forward for many more amazing ones.

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  5. Dear Ryan
    Thats the cutest yet most candid and impactful speech I ever heard. Way to go young man👏👏I like the tone and purpose- both! I’m sure your children will see all those wild animals. Your message will make it’s impact.
    Your dad’s peacock though amazing takes second place on the blog today.
    Lots of best wishes for your bright future🌻👍

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    • SKD, this could be the best compliment he ever got in his speeches. Will show this to him. We need many generations to see those wild animals, plants and butterflies. Together we could make this living better. You are very inspirational. A real catalyst!!😄😂


  6. Hello! So nice to meet you. Your son speaks with wisdom beyond his years. And your peacocks!! I hit the ‘like’ button because that’s all that is offered, but I wished for a ‘love’ button. I will enjoy following your lovely blog.

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